Jul. 10th, 2007 02:17 pm
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I killed 5 mosquitoes in my office yesterday. Which is in a basement. We usually have a roach problem, but not mosquitoes. Which got me thinking about working in the Cave.

So what is the weirdest place you've worked? Not weird job, but weird location.

The Cave is mine (beating out the edge of a glacier and Lunar and Planetary Institute). For the last few months of my Navy service I worked for the Operations Officer for CNFJ. They were one of several commands (I never found out how many were down there) who worked in caves hallowed out during WW2 by the Japanese for protection against air raids. You entered through a tunnel, with two doors with keycodes. There was a camera watching you enter (you could buzz in, as there was always someone on duty). The conference room had an outdated two story tall map of Asia. You could forget you were in a cave in most of it, the walls were plastered flat. However, there were pools of water in back areas, so there was a constant mosquito infestation. I did not have a chance to the the tour, but it went through the old hospital areas. You had to bring a hardhat with you, as many of the ceilings were under 6 foot. There are boarded up entrances to the cave all around base. It was finally shut down soon after I left, when they got a building with enough security features.

Your turn.
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Well, I am in a better mood. Mostly by continueing to ignore thesis trash. But, found a list of jobs that are more likely to allow me to keep my hair. I'll have to keep barista in mind next time I wonder what to do with my life.


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