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Ok. Sulked all day. Not necessarily the best idea, but.. I wanted to. Contemplating finding a cheaper dentist to do the rest of my teeth. And one that doesn't try my honesty (fun incident, after finishing the assistant hands me a cost breakdown of further fillings and the increased cost of this visit (>$600) and go to pay. Receptionist enters it into the computer, and tells me I owe $128. I look confused. She starts adding up for me, looking at me like I'm whiner for making her add it up. I foolishly explain that it should be higher, and she goes, oh.. and looks at the rest of the page. No honesty discount. I just made my bill go up by $500 by being honest. I've never felt so miserable for pointing out a mistake. large part because she didn't acknowledge that I just saved them from a $500 billing error in their favor).

Ok. Stop dwelling. News item of the day is Rhode Island passing a bill requiring cats to be spaid/neutered or have a breeder fee. Definately more workable in a small populated state like RI. And farmers are exempt (all two of them). And subsidies for the poor. But what about "wild cats" like Sid and Maggie? Could we be fined for them? Hmm...
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The dodgy filling fell out last night when I was flossing. So first thing this morning I called the dentist Sharon recommended. Dentist was out. In fact, after about 10 calls, all the dentists were out. Apparently Friday is the day to take off. Eventually found a place, though their quote sounded a bit high. But I wanted this fixed now! I want to be at Lilies next week. Called some more places, and couldn't find any openings. Went. They did the full X-rays. Found about 12 more places that need love. I decided I might as well get the three on the same side done. Fuckers. Ended up being $100 more than that estimate. The estimate for the rest is another $2000. I have the money. But that was my cushion. And it hurts. I keep telling myself that it is just money, and I have it, but I'm weak. I was crying as I left the office. Crying while your mouth is numb sucks. All that mucous runs to the back of the throat. I meant to do some shopping, but I couldn't make myself pay out any more money. Found a lot of linen at the downtown fabric store (why did I not think of them earlier), but I feel poor. So to quote a friend's blog, tell me something happy and good.


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