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Rode my bike to campus for the first time in... this semester. Still a bit chilly in the morning (enough to be refreshing), but the ride home down the hill was wonderful. I'm currently cooking up some chicken soup using frozen stock, leftover bits of my weekend game hen, potato, carrot and onion.

Got information about one of my birthday gifts. It is a Sarracenia X wrigleyana 'Scarlet Belle' (pitcher plant). It wants lots of water and full sun, so I moved it out to the front yard (out of kitty reach). It is a bit brown from two weeks of improper care, but still nice.



Dec. 6th, 2007 11:30 am
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It's snowing. I really didn't expect much today. Definately more that the "snow" we had over Thanksgiving break. Last day of classes is about when I expect the first snow of the year. It is a nice gift to us students - sledding on stop day.
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I made a beading run this afternoon, to drop of projects, pick up new ones (they never end) and get paid (umm.. quite a bit, as she took the necklace of pearls, which was 8 hours of work, plus most of two BotMos worth of pearls. That paid off AI and my FM order).

And then it rained. Glorious rain. I sat on the porch, laughing at Barry's antics (I didn't harness him, as he didn't really want to get wet). It is cooler, and the air smells wonderful, but it is amazingly humid. So back to the AC.

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It has been a wet year. Just as I finally gave in and started watering the garden, it started raining. And kept raining for a few days. Most of the houses around me were built in the fifties for a good reason - it was the last time the area was flooded out. While 93 was a bigger flood, the levees held it back.

So thankfully we are a bit north of the current area of flooding. The most it has affected my life is not getting to hang out with C&C this weekend, as they couldn't get to C's parents to drop off kids. I'm hoping that C is able to get to work, and drop off Noah (appropriate name) at daycare in Ottawa.

Garden is doing well. Picked another cuc this morning, and have 3 tomatoes to eat tonight.
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It's snowing again. Went out for a garage (sort of, in a church) sale. Then stopped at Hastings for more Full Metal Fun (3 discs of FMP FUMOFFU and 2 discs of FMA). Very backed up traffic on the way home. D&D has been canceled due to lack of other players, and I'm going to stay home and be creative (apple tart, beading).


Jan. 17th, 2007 11:37 am
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I'm very arbitrary on my definition. Winter is that time when the highs aren't above freezing for several days. We've finally gotten one. A month late, but here. Friday it started sleeting. Not freezing rain, just pellets of ice. Which continued off and on until Sunday. We got about an inch of accumulation. It hasn't melted yet. Tomorrow might get up to 34, just enough to thaw and melt it into a more solid chunk of ice. The five day forecast doesn't include any more days above freezing, and more possible snow on Sunday. Yeah!!! Since campus is on top of the hill, and I don't have snow tires, I'm not planning on biking to class on Friday.

I finally got my TA schedule last night. I've got an afternoon section of 103 lab to teach, and am one of four TAs for Earthquakes and Natural Disasters. Easy. Though I thought last year was the last time Steeples was teaching E&ND. I hear he is good. The only bit of schedule I don't know is when Plate Tectonics is.

Beading is consuming my mind. I made Tom take me out last night (like I'm driving, I'd like to get home without dents) to Hobby Lobby to get a couple of beads to finish a necklace. The only thing that would work was in a $7 dollar tube of assorted beads. And I bought it. Also, I bought more delica seed beads, because they were on clearance. And I wanted to try my mosaic stitch with them. Mel had done a bit with some she bought (because I forgot to warn her about matching normal with delica seed beads), and it looked awesome. But now I want to get some more stuff. Silly me.

I thought I would reward myself with passing my ham test and buy anime. Except, when I got to Hastings, I realized I was to much of a cheapskate to spend $60 on a series I might not like. My sweet boy reminded me of something - Hastings also has a rental section. Since then, I've watched Elfen Leid (very good, but very violent and actually kinda dark), Full Metal Panic (I think I might cosplay Kaname Chidori, it shouldn't be that hard, and she has one of the few anime relationships that I like), and started Wolf's Rain (neat, again, a good relationship) and Otogi Zoshi (which I've seen a few episodes at Margarita's).
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Scarf is done! In plenty of time, as the weather has gotten colder. We have about 1/2 inch of ice, and promised snow (3-9 inches, but it all seems to staying south of us).


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