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So I have a delightful new crack to watch. See, last weekend, based on some online reviews, I started to watch a Korean drama called Faith about a modern day doctor who is abducted to heal a 14th century Korean queen and gets stuck in the past. It is pretty, and the love interest manages to be taciturn enough not to piss me off. However, it is still airing, so I ran out of shows 9 episodes in.

Then hulu started another show on me automatically when I finished the latest episode. The love interest was the hero in City Hunter previously. He's been raised to get revenge on the five politicians who betrayed his dead father and foster father. The heroine is a presidential body guard with money issues. Apparently, there are only a hundred people in Seoul, because the coincidental connections are common.
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Ok, why didn't anyone warn me that Supernatural starts in Lawrence. I hate to begin a show by criticing their choice in fire engine colors (Lawrence has had lime green fire engines for at least the last 22 years, because they are more visible at night). EDIT In episode 4, Dean's phone number starts 785, which is eastern KS outside KC.

And I understand the yummy comments. Just realized I recognize the actor who plays Dean.


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