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Travel is one of my other loves. This year has been good for it, with running off to lots of cons (and one soon for work). My next bit of free time is fall break, so [ profile] lawnchair and I have been wondering what to do with ourselves.

First thought was Montreal, but plane flight was expensive. Maybe for Spring Break (because it has been years since I was out of the country).

Then I remembered the other trip I wanted to take - San Fran. One of my favorite ex-roomates lives out there (as in, downtown), and I miss her. Tickets are much cheaper. So I called, and she's free. Plan now is to fly out Wed (Oct 10), keep ourselves amused Thur and Fri, then go somewhere with her over the weekend (she left where up to us).

[ profile] jasminehammer, you up for dinner?
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Tickets bought, now I get distracted by other details. See, I arrive in Minneapolis on Thursday afternoon, and the convention starts on Friday. I could call my aunt and spend time with her. I vaguely remember she's on a bus route..

So how hard is it to get to her place. First I need to figure out her address. Which I don't seem to have saved. So I search. Except I don't remember what her last married name is. But I eventually find it. And figure out which suburb she's in. A few more tries and I get her address.

Find the Metro website. Pretty well designed, actually. They have route maps and schedules easily accessible. They also have a pannable map, which is useful as my aunt is on the opposite side of the city as the airport. Looks good, two buses right in front of her complex. Then I use their route planner. Works for me. Light rail and bus. I think I'll insist on making my own way there.

I haven't called her yet, so if somebody wants to catch me for dinner (Mouse...? sorry I missed you at Hertzkreig) comment before I make plans.


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