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I'm not taking any KU classes this semester - only working on thesis. But I love taking classes, so I decided to take a metal working class from the LAC. One of the things I want to experiment with is making clasps (because I should be able to make them for less than I'm buying them for, especially toggle clasps). To do so, I need some stiffer wire. And since wire is cheaper online... time to for an order to Fire Mountain.

Locals, who wants in? Give me your order (H####### thinging and amounts) and I'll order, then pay me when the shipment is in. I'm putting in my order Friday. The more is order, the cheaper each item is. I expect to be in the 15+ range, would like to get to the 50+ range. Email me at the usual place.
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No meeting as bossman's flight was delayed. So, instead I use the sunny warmth to try to take pictures. As you can guess, I'm back into jewelry making.
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I renewed my truck's registration early (if I put off insurance renewal until late, I can pay them at the same time, so I do), and just got the sticker for this next year. And for once, I actually put them on right away. And put away the the registration. As I was shutting the door, [ profile] lawnchair stopped me. There was a toad in the door. I poked him, but he didn't move. Saddness. Then, as we tried to scrape him off (didn't really want a mummified toad in my door), he jumped away.

I shall bathe, then finish up some beading projects. Tomorrow, my busy schedule consists of radar, teaching to bead (necessary to pay off the beads I bought today), NakaKon staff meeting, and gaming.
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I made a beading run this afternoon, to drop of projects, pick up new ones (they never end) and get paid (umm.. quite a bit, as she took the necklace of pearls, which was 8 hours of work, plus most of two BotMos worth of pearls. That paid off AI and my FM order).

And then it rained. Glorious rain. I sat on the porch, laughing at Barry's antics (I didn't harness him, as he didn't really want to get wet). It is cooler, and the air smells wonderful, but it is amazingly humid. So back to the AC.

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Finished Utena. Somehow I had not realized I hadn't finished the series the first time I watched it. Something about watching metatextual anime while falling asleep. I finally have now. Hmm.. It actually works better for me now.

Meanwhile I'm remaking a necklace I first made ten years ago. I like the beads/composition so I'm keeping them. However, it was done on wire that I snagged from my parents toolbox, and it is weathering oddly. I can afford silver now, so that is what it is going on. Also, my technique is much better now (helped by having more suitable pliers).
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My first job as a beading freelancer is done. Simple restringing onto softflex (not my favorite because I trust knots), but gorgeous lab beads. And finished in an hour, so that's $10. The beads for the commissioned piece weren't picked out yet, so I go back in today to pick them up.
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Back working. And hopefully being paid. Apparently there was confusion about me working (in the mind of the woman who does payroll for the department), and paperwork went in a week after I started. Work has consisted of writing/editing a report and loading software onto my laptop (a girl needs EKKO View Deluxe, Matlab and GPRMax). Should get data to play with/model soon. Maybe even data collection.

Money is good, as my kitty got sick. Not seriously, but Barry has pinkeye (basically). I should have just asked for a tube (not sure if they would have given me some without him going in), but he's my special boy. And I'm glad that I had it confirmed that it is just pinkeye, and he didn't get into a fight. I also guessed the advice we'd get. Diet. Somehow 18.5 pounds is heavy, and diabetes is the new worry. At least vet had an idea of how to feed Grep without feeding the others. A box with a small hole (big enough for her, to small for the others). Lju really needs a diet.

Also bought a calculator. I was randomly surfing the swapmeet at, and found someone selling a TI-82 for $15. I could use a backup. I've had my current calculator for 13 years now, and have bonded (his name is Turtle). But TI doesn't make 82s any more. I always meant to steal Jorge's, but forgot before he moved out. I think I'll name the new one Snail (not because they're slow, but because they have a hard shell).

Other good news is a job offer (part time). Which isn't something I need, as I'm down for 40 hours a week with GPR this summer. Yesterday I stopped by my local bead shop for some retail therapy. The owner found out I do wirework (was wearing my green wire necklace). Apparently she has several projects commissioned and she isn't good at wire work. I am no [ profile] elisem, but I want to try. She also was interested in selling my stuff in the store. I'm going in Friday after work to see what she wants me to do. I'm trying to not get to excited, in case it turns out to be scammy or a bad enviroment, but.. to get paid for my hobby would be awesome. And I didn't even have to push my work.
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Well, instead of working on schoolwork, I've been lazing about and watching anime. I can only surf for so long, so it lead to beading. Chitter about beads )

Girly Girl

Jan. 21st, 2007 03:46 pm
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Two more linked necklaces this weekend, each with a very simple pattern on base metal. But the worst part is that they both are flowery.

And I made a snowman in the front yard. With a scarf and arms. Except it fell over.


Jan. 17th, 2007 11:37 am
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I'm very arbitrary on my definition. Winter is that time when the highs aren't above freezing for several days. We've finally gotten one. A month late, but here. Friday it started sleeting. Not freezing rain, just pellets of ice. Which continued off and on until Sunday. We got about an inch of accumulation. It hasn't melted yet. Tomorrow might get up to 34, just enough to thaw and melt it into a more solid chunk of ice. The five day forecast doesn't include any more days above freezing, and more possible snow on Sunday. Yeah!!! Since campus is on top of the hill, and I don't have snow tires, I'm not planning on biking to class on Friday.

I finally got my TA schedule last night. I've got an afternoon section of 103 lab to teach, and am one of four TAs for Earthquakes and Natural Disasters. Easy. Though I thought last year was the last time Steeples was teaching E&ND. I hear he is good. The only bit of schedule I don't know is when Plate Tectonics is.

Beading is consuming my mind. I made Tom take me out last night (like I'm driving, I'd like to get home without dents) to Hobby Lobby to get a couple of beads to finish a necklace. The only thing that would work was in a $7 dollar tube of assorted beads. And I bought it. Also, I bought more delica seed beads, because they were on clearance. And I wanted to try my mosaic stitch with them. Mel had done a bit with some she bought (because I forgot to warn her about matching normal with delica seed beads), and it looked awesome. But now I want to get some more stuff. Silly me.

I thought I would reward myself with passing my ham test and buy anime. Except, when I got to Hastings, I realized I was to much of a cheapskate to spend $60 on a series I might not like. My sweet boy reminded me of something - Hastings also has a rental section. Since then, I've watched Elfen Leid (very good, but very violent and actually kinda dark), Full Metal Panic (I think I might cosplay Kaname Chidori, it shouldn't be that hard, and she has one of the few anime relationships that I like), and started Wolf's Rain (neat, again, a good relationship) and Otogi Zoshi (which I've seen a few episodes at Margarita's).
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I tried to teach Mel mosaic stitch a week ago. Apparently, I didn't do to well, so she went searching for other instructions. The way I do it didn't match the online ways she found, so I tried again. I decided to make a series of sketches to show how I do it for future reference of everybody.
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Didn't get far on the tasks I told myself to do, other than enrolling for next semester. Instead, watched TV and crafted.

Finished the first season of supernatural and the garnet necklace. It turned out the way I wanted. The wire wrapping on the center garnet went different than I planned, but I like it. I then made another pair of earrings with silver wire. I used some green and purple glass danglies and dark purple amethyst. Pretty awesome. Then played around with another Christmas necklace. It did not want tiger eye. I kept trying, but it ended up with glass. Looks cool, though. Pictures when I get a bit more done.
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Since we were planning on driving down to C&C's to see the new baby (and give books to the toddler, so he doesn't feel left out, and forgot the books), [ profile] lawnchair and I took a side trip to JoCo for shopping. I had a gift certificate to spend. And wanted to stop by a bead shop for more glass beads from their grab tub. I got so distracted by gemstone beads on clearance that fit the idea of one of the necklaces I didn't get done by Christmas I almost forgot. Then got my books. And stopped by three Goodwills, finally buying two bracelets for bead sacrifice. Had a good time with C&C (though didn't eat the plantains).

So far I haven't done the things I should. Instead I finished Season 1 of Supernatural and bent wire for a necklace. Not going well. I'm out of practice or more exacting than I used to be. Though what I've done so are looks cool. The beads I got are great for this. Will post pictures when done.
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Well, I'm back in Larryville after almost a week with the family. Had a good time. I am lucky to have an extended family that does not stress me out, on both sides. And a group of friends that I see twice a year (or less), but is still.. well, like family.

One of my gifts this year was a turkey carcass. I am currently boiling the hell out of it for my first attempt at a meat based soup. It smells very good (even the bird hating, veggie [ profile] lawnchair thought it smelled homey). One more call home to get Mom's dumpling recipe, and I'm good.

I decided to alter plans for spring break. I'm leaving Jersey a weekend early, and flying to Twin Cities for Anime Detour. Just sent in the registration (last day to get the cheaper price).

Next on the agenda is brooding over beads. So many choices.
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I should have graded. Or slept. But, [ profile] lawnchair agreed to House watching, so I played with beads. My half completed Starry Night choker did not keep my interest. Out came the new beads, which would look cool with some of the other pearly beads I had gathered up for a yet to be planned necklace. I played with necklace designs, and got closer. But it still isn't coming together after two episodes, so back in the drawer.

The problem with playing with sparklies is that there are always other sparklies catching your attention.


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