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Birthdate:Feb 29
Location:United States of America
I wish I had a short label that I liked. I don't. Probably ties to my desire/fear to have a career that defines me. But Affreca is a good enough label.

I read more than is healthy for me. I've culled the book collection most moves, but I still own quite a bit. And I've stopped moving for a while (hopefully). The majority of my reading is science fiction and fantasy, with rare sides of nonfiction or mysteries, usually historical for both.

I suspect I'm infected with Toxoplasma gondii. I'm slightly cat crazy. Thankfully so is my roomate/husband/chauffeur, so he does not complain about living with four cats (see, he had two and I had two and now we have four). Or that I'd much rather raise kittens than babies, and lose all conscious thought around them.

I'm a Navy vet and a pacifist. I'm still not sure joining was a wise decision, but I'm sort of glad I did it. I'm also glad I'm out. I do not think that way. But it paid my student loan debts and showed me the world.

I'm liberal. I blame my parents. I believe in legalized pot (even though I don't smoke), personal liberties and gay marriage (though I'm not sure about me and marriage). I recycle and compost. I believe in local grown food more than organic. I'm not a vegatarian, but often go weeks without eating meat. Religion is my own damn business, not yours. Though I fear I might mug the next Mormon walking by in order to discuss their beliefs. Missionaries amuse me.

I craft. Not as much as I want, or think I should. I learned how to sew, weave, spin and dye in high school, though I'm still not a master at any. Maybe when I have 40 more years experience, like some of the women in my guild. I like to make jewelry, but don't wear much, so I'm not sure what to do with it when I'm done. I've sold it in the past, and currently not brave enough to find another store to sell to. I can draw celtic knotwork, and about once every 3 years finish embroidering a design I made. I hang out with costumers, and my obsession is historical. I try not to sing in public. Which is why the crow is my favorite bird (amongst other reasons).

I'm not terribly social. Occasionally I feel guilty about that. Or not.

My schooling is as a geophysicist. I tried to avoid learning about how to find oil, as I never wanted to live in Houston. Currently I am working in environmental science for the state. In my low self esteem moments I wonder when they'll figure that I've only had one class in hydrology and two in chemistry. But I did research projects on glacial hydrology (that failed), detecting water with GPR (which I never finished) and detecting microbe growth with GPR (which I never believed). Whatever. I fight to keep your water drinkable, and your dirt clean.

I hope that is enough. Quite a bit about me.
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