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affreca ([personal profile] affreca) wrote2017-06-26 09:06 pm

Fiber Monday

I'm skipping the whole "I should post more" discussion.

Knitting: I don't think I'll finish June's project in June. I'm close, halfway down both sleeves. I'm not sure how I'm going to the sleeve stripes. I think it might just be more of the dark red. I have four more days of commute knitting, but...

Spinning: I spun twelve ounces/~1100 yards of shetland for for July's project. It's hanging to dry after finishing (well, it is currently raining, but it should dry tomorrow). I haven't decided which pattern to knit yet - Tatu or Sugar Maple. I'm leaning towards trying Tatu, and saving Sugar Maple for another project (one which I spin a gradient instead of the fractal ply I just spun).

Other: Earlier this month I sewed patches from my travels on my knitting purse. Makes me smile every time I look at it.