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I have started a new project. See, I'm taking a natural dyeing class this fall and I bought a new loom that needs to be tried out (and yes, now I have two looms to sell). And I actually thought of an idea that would use yarn I already own.

I will be weaving a 20" by 2 yard scarf on my new loom. The warp threads are thin wool dyed blue, with a pattern wrapped (so the sections stayed white). The weft is mohair and wool dyed in the same indigo bath to a medium blue. Hopefully I calculated sett well enough that it will be slightly thin and airy. And very fuzzy.

I finished the dyeing last night in class. I will wait to dress the loom until it is in the craft room, which will hopefully be this weekend.
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Is inspiration. Or at least when I clean/organize my craft room. Which is what I've been doing recently instead of working on my Viking dress the last two days (I should still have time to finish it in two weeks). Yesterday I acquired a second wire shelf, but failed to find any rubbermaid roughneck totes.

So this morning was the quest to acquire 18 gallon totes. None at Target. None at Ace Hardware. None at Wal-Mart. Apparently Sterilite has taken over the market for plastic boxes. Sadly, I find Sterilite brittle and shortlived. Rubbermaid or nothing (plus they fit better on the shelves. I headed home for lunch before brain turned off. I called VR for advice, but he had found the same problem. I googled, and eventually found out that Home Despot carried the totes I wanted. So I went to buy some. And only found 3 on the shelf. But I wanted more, so I stared wandering around the store until a poor orange apron asked if I needed help. Two more orange aprons and a forklift later, and I had 9 totes.

So the toybox got emptied of wool, and other totes reorganized to optimize space. Everything now put away.

So my mind was racing as I tried to fall asleep. Eventually my back brain gave me the answer of what to do with the extra warp on the loom. The weft is alternating between space dyed cotton flake (Lake colorway) and blue Mohair/nylon. It might be a bit busy, but it is turning out interesting. I don't have much spare warp, so it won't be wide. But I finally found a use for it, after I decided that I was just going to cut off the finished projects (as I plan to start on Christmas weaving after I finish the Viking dress).

Now sleepy.
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Did nothing yesterday, head hurt to much. This morning I went down and figured out where the error was. Turned out there were two - 2 extra strings and one went through an extra heddle. It was fastest to fix by moving over one repeat of 10 and making the floating selvage triple.

I watched another episode of Castle, and got most of the way done with the other half. Figuring it was break time, I did a count of remaining strings. And I'm one string off. I'm going to let my back rest and then try to figure out where the error is this time.
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Rough sanded the wood that I found troublesome and played with removing parts. I now know how to remove the beater bar, and have bought parts to keep it in place. I also bought random bits to make the loom work better - yardsticks to turn into lees sticks and a dowel into the tie-on sticks. Yarn does fit through the current reed, so I should be able to make blankets with my loom (though skinny blankets. I might need to sew two lengths together).

Tomorrow I shall finish sanding the wood and sand down the metal parts that are rusting (nothing that's in contact with the project, but best stopped). Hopefully I'll also get to staining and painting. I will try to get downtown for a reed hook. I think I'll try using one of my crochet hooks for a heddle hook, as the holes in my heddles are big. And I have no other use for my crochet hooks (also family hand-me-downs from Grandma P). Next big thing after that is a warping board, or some hack.
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Craftwise, at least. Tried making goat korma on Monday, and it failed. Recipe depended on garam masala for most of the spiciness, and it was to sweet. Will look for other recipes, and try them out veggie first (cheaper than goat meat).

Tried dyeing brown wool green(er) today with Procion dye. Proved it was wool by how it reacted to the washing machine (thicker and fluffier, no longer looks worsted), but it did not take the dye. Haven't decided if I will try it with RIT, or just have a thick brown dress. And learned to look up washiablity before I try dyeing.

Strung up the loom for an even more complicated pattern, ram's horns. It involves turning the cards differing directions in batches. I strung the loom a bit to loose, but managed to add some tension by adding another peg. Played with the pattern a bit, and it looks nice. I know how to do it better next time.


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