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I've been bad about posting anything. Life is normal, work is fine. Last week I drove out to San Francisco with two friends (one will studying there for the summer). I tried to take some photos.
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Just booked rooms for most our trip to Japan. The rest of the nights I'll worry about when we get there, for flexibility. The nice thing about modern travel is that I can use my decade old Lonely Planet for ideas, and use websites to confirm that the places are still there and make reservations. I plan to pick up a new travel book before we go, but it is nice to get use out of the one I already own. And it brings back memories (it automatically opens to Nara).

I wanted to stay at the same ryokan in Kyoto, but I couldn't remember which one it was. Thankfully, in my giant stack of postcards are the ones I'd been given during my previous stays, and the name was on the back. Woot! Of course, I'm older now and reserved the room with a private bathroom this time.
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The downside to a steady job is that I don't have as much time to travel. I've decided on three trips.

For Memorial Day I'm headed north for WisCon with Solan and Graydown. We're planning on driving, and Graydown made the hotel reservations. Not much else to plan on that until May.

For Labor Day, I'm again going to a con, this time WorldCon in Chicago. I bought a membership the last day of Renovation to keep costs down. And then I got a refund for Renovation since I had volunteered in the Green Room for the Masquerade (and had great contestants to help). I've been looking a travel options. I've decided to take the train as it is currently cheaper than airfare, works well timewise and gets me closest to the con hotel.

The last trip is a week travel with Lawnchair. We'd planned on going to Newfoundland for music, but he's got a bit of sticker shock with the airfare. And if we're looking at different locations, then I'm more flexible on timing. I'd prefer to not deal with excessive time change when I have only a week to work with. Any suggestions? Currently Lawnchair is leaning towards Sint Maarten in fall.
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[ profile] lawnchair called me midday, and started off the conversation with the words "So I have a crazy plan." It is a tempting crazy plan. It makes me much more comfortable with this whole wedding thing.

Details after I run it past family, to make sure they are OK with said crazy plan.
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I'm worn out from being on the phone with NWA for 45 in order to change flights slightly in order to visit Grandma. My originally scheduled flight in on Wednesday actually worked out pretty well for my aunt to be able to take me out to see Grandma, then parents to take me to Minneapolis to see Rush, and a fellow con goer to take me to WisCon. However, I realized with previous calls that my crazy plan to skip the Minneapolis to Madison flight would get my return flight canceled. First guy was useless, his supervisor worse. Finally, I got to an actual reservations lady who knew how to work the system in the way I knew it could be, and the quoted difference went from $500 more to reasonable. Score. Now I can check in luggage (and bring books), as previous crazy plan would mean any luggage I checked in would maybe get to Madison, or be lost in the ether.
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Got in last night. Had Curt pick us up, so I owe him more. Cats are happy we're home, I got a lot of Lju snuggling last night, with constant Barry on the feet. The most cat we've ever had on the bed, which is probably a good thing.

Working on a multistranded purple necklace right now. And it is very purple, with lots of cool beads, including lampwork beads from BotMo and Lilies' and some beads I got back in elementary school (the necklace I had made with them has been broken for over a decade and a half). Pictures when I'm done.

First, NYC pictures (taken from an overlook in Brooklyn).
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Another half night of sleep before travel. Another early flight (though I get a ride from [ profile] auroraceleste), another last minute packing. I think I have everything. And something I haven't done much, watching football and the caucus. Both my teams won. I'm happy.
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So it wasn't on the bus this morning. Instead, there was a man who needed a ride home, so we dropped him off. Then called KC, to find out that the bag was there. Of course, at first they said it wasn't. I'm not terribly impressed with the customer service attitude of anyone I've dealt with other than the Omaha office. So we drove out to pick it up, and shop on the way home. I'm all unpacked, and happy.

Not Good

Dec. 29th, 2007 07:31 am
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Home, missing luggage. Did not get off the bus in KC with me. Customer support called Omaha last night, claimed didn't have it. I talked to Sioux City this morning, didn't have it. Will call Omaha again, and check again. Pissed, not riding bus again due to lack of any employee caring.

ETA: [ profile] lawnchair took over the calling because I was a bit to freaked out, and found it in Omaha. It should be getting on a bus tonight and I pick it up at a gas station.
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Travel is one of my other loves. This year has been good for it, with running off to lots of cons (and one soon for work). My next bit of free time is fall break, so [ profile] lawnchair and I have been wondering what to do with ourselves.

First thought was Montreal, but plane flight was expensive. Maybe for Spring Break (because it has been years since I was out of the country).

Then I remembered the other trip I wanted to take - San Fran. One of my favorite ex-roomates lives out there (as in, downtown), and I miss her. Tickets are much cheaper. So I called, and she's free. Plan now is to fly out Wed (Oct 10), keep ourselves amused Thur and Fri, then go somewhere with her over the weekend (she left where up to us).

[ profile] jasminehammer, you up for dinner?
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Lazy summer almost done. KU classes start on Thursday, though I don't have class until next week. And I'm not teaching (which means I really ought to work on a report now...).

This weekend's fun was Anime Iowa in Coralville. The excuse was to check out the area (one possible library science program is in nearby Iowa City, and I've never been there). Not bad, though I mostly know the new, giant conference center. I had fun, and highly recommend drinking cosplay watching (twirl - 1 drink, wardrobe malfunction.. and so forth). Also, UV blue raspberry goes well in MD.

But it wasn't all drunken antics. I mostly went to cosplay panels and discussion panels. The discussion panels were run by the old fogies upstairs, usually discussing older stuff. I want more discussion panels at Naka.

Also, contemplating SogenCon. I will go if at least two people from here want to go with me. It looks like they have a really nice list of guests.
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Just not that interesting. Actually did field work around Dodge City last week, but now back to writing reports. Argh. At least bossman is out of country (though not email contact). Getting busy soon, so post schedule so I don't forget something.
Aug 9-12 - Anime Iowa, Coralville IA
Aug 19 - Beading/Wireworking Class, downtown
Aug 20 - My first class, KU
Aug 30 - Sep 2 - DragonCon, Atlanta, GA
Sep 14-16 - Cecil's, Vermillion, SD
Sep 23-28 - SEG Conference, San Antonio, TX

I need to find something to keep me busy on car trips.
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Yes, I had fun, though a lot of together time. Took off Friday around 2, and stopped for a bit of shopping on Metcalf on the way. The other half finally decided to get a better digicam, so time for a stop at our favorite computer store, Microcenter. Except his first choice was sold out, as was the second. Sad. I bought beads (for projects I have in mind. And some more awesome leaf beads.) We also stopped at Borders because I had a coupon for 40% off a box set of DVDs, but didn't find anything I wanted.

We did not drive all the way to St. Louis on Friday. We camped at a Missouri Conservation Area (Wetstone), and it was free. It was also not very crowded (three other tents), and beautiful, with lots of wildlife (we counted 8 deer on the way to the tentsite). After setting up our tent, walked down to a creek and watched frogs. I found two ripe blackberries. It got chill at night, so an excuse to cuddle (and the tent is small, I think we're old enough to justify a tent we can stand up in). Woke up early and walked down to a lake. Streamers of mist across the water surface. Then packed up and headed out (by 6).

Drove straight to downtown to pick up server. Slight issues with no parking due to lots of some breast cancer moneyraiser. From there drove to the arch, but refused to pay $10 for parking. Instead, we went to Chain of Rocks bridge. It was the bridge for Hwy 66, but is now pedestrian and bike only. There were scary signs about how your car wasn't safe in the parking lot, but they were working on that. Car was still there, with all stuff when we got back to it.

Drove to Forest Park, and spent an hour at the zoo before heat and kids drove us out. My favorite part was staring at the cheetah's tail (the only part moving), and realizing that the small animals in front of us were a different display, and mongeese.

Then went to University City for lunch. I tried their Panang curry. Nummy. And bought beads.

Off to the hotel (out in the 'burbs but had free internet, indoor pool/hottub, continental breakfast and cheap) so the camera quest could continue. Found one at Circuit City for the right price. Circuit City puts their anime in the specialty section. So it was mixed in with basketball and WWF DVDs. I found Fahrenheit 911 in with yoga DVDs. WTF?

I feel asleep to World's Dirtiest Jobs. No weird dreams (well, I dreamt I was doing jewelry for a musical theater group, who thought it weird I couldn't sing). Drove to the nearest MetroLink Station and rode to the arch (two day passes were cheaper than parking, and lightrail? For a pair of public transport/rail enthusiasts?) And tickets up were insanely expensive (but bike park rangers. Hilarious idea). But I make myself go up tall buildings because I'm afraid. And I was afraid, because I knew there wasn't anything below me.

And back onto the MetroLink across to Illinois because we could. And then to Union station (see previous entry). And then homeward. Took a back route (94, roughly paralleling the Katy trail) until lack of food drove us to the interstate. Called Dads, wished Father's Day. Busy weekend.

And then I work tomorrow.
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Tickets bought, now I get distracted by other details. See, I arrive in Minneapolis on Thursday afternoon, and the convention starts on Friday. I could call my aunt and spend time with her. I vaguely remember she's on a bus route..

So how hard is it to get to her place. First I need to figure out her address. Which I don't seem to have saved. So I search. Except I don't remember what her last married name is. But I eventually find it. And figure out which suburb she's in. A few more tries and I get her address.

Find the Metro website. Pretty well designed, actually. They have route maps and schedules easily accessible. They also have a pannable map, which is useful as my aunt is on the opposite side of the city as the airport. Looks good, two buses right in front of her complex. Then I use their route planner. Works for me. Light rail and bus. I think I'll insist on making my own way there.

I haven't called her yet, so if somebody wants to catch me for dinner (Mouse...? sorry I missed you at Hertzkreig) comment before I make plans.
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Well, I'm back in Larryville after almost a week with the family. Had a good time. I am lucky to have an extended family that does not stress me out, on both sides. And a group of friends that I see twice a year (or less), but is still.. well, like family.

One of my gifts this year was a turkey carcass. I am currently boiling the hell out of it for my first attempt at a meat based soup. It smells very good (even the bird hating, veggie [ profile] lawnchair thought it smelled homey). One more call home to get Mom's dumpling recipe, and I'm good.

I decided to alter plans for spring break. I'm leaving Jersey a weekend early, and flying to Twin Cities for Anime Detour. Just sent in the registration (last day to get the cheaper price).

Next on the agenda is brooding over beads. So many choices.
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I have two flying trips in the next month, and I thought I would check the latest list of TSA prohibited and allowed items. Since we're bringing sleeping bags on the WI trip, we have to check in at least one bag, so I'll probably stick my tolietries in that. However, I can bring at least one craft project as both knitting needles and cuticle scissors are allowed (I find them to be the best thread snipping scissors around). Good to know. Sewing/embrodiery/beading needles weren't mentioned, but they can't be more dangerous than knitting needles.


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