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I haven't been making proper entries because I'm stressing myself more and more about lack of progress on thesis. I still haven't written anything more on the proposal. I can't blame lack of time anymore, I've made myself time. I'm out of excuses. I know I should do it, but I don't want to, at some deep level that is apparently more powerful. I finally freaked out good last night to Tom, and vocalized the three options I see. I'm meeting with Ross (my adviser) today, and putting it out into the open.

-Admit I'll be here next year, don't take thesis hours, but take the graduate school's thesis writing class. I tend to do things required for a class, and apparently I don't take thesis hours as a real class.

-Admit I'll be here another year and look for a new thesis topic. Part of my problem is that I'm not in love with my research, and I want to be.

-Drop out. Scary on the failure end, but very tempting.

Admitting this to Ross is going to be hard, but I need to. It is getting tied up in my "what am I going to do with my life" issues.


Jul. 16th, 2006 08:49 pm
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I wrote a hypothesis! It is a start. Next step is to steal the stuff I wrote for my GIS paper. Which is on the computer at home. So, to work on tomorrow. And scheduled work at 3 with Tom.

Hot here. High was 100F. It is still 92 F (33 C)! Time to go home and hide in the bedroom. Not cooking - more Taco Bell (I also don't want to do dishes).


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