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My back hurts. I suspect it is because I slept twisted, due to a cat on my feet. I did not bike to campus. Once I get walking, it is bearable, but sudden movements are painful.

TA meeting went well. Completely redoing the next lab, and I was listened to. Apparently for wrong, though. We cut some questions out of today's lab, which means we have lots of extra time. And the questions will be done later. Eeek!

Since lab was quick, Curtis swung by my office to chat (about the trip we're taking Friday to the Natural History Museum, so we can write a lab/field trip for next Wednesday). Since I had time, I suggested lunch. Since he drives to campus, we could get to downtown. I had Thai curry. I'm happy.

So, despite my sore back, I'm cheerful.
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Yep, my semester started today. Which is really confusing, because it feels like a Monday, but I'm now starting my weekend.

And I have email. Lordy. Partially because the 171 prof I'm TAing for is treating me as the head TA (there's four of us again, another who TAed it last semester) in order to organize a meeting on Tuesday. Or maybe I'm just reading it that way. But Don was technically my adviser as an undergrad (which consisted of me taking my sheet down to his office, telling him what I wanted to take, and refusing his suggestion of PDE).

And organizing the minerals before the lab. I'm kinda glad I got the first real sample lab to prep for. It was a good opportunity to organize somewhat, and order supplies that we're running low on (I figured I might as well prep the testing boxes). Doing so I learned a lesson. I can make a command decision and through stuff out (well scratched glass plates, disintegrating magnets) and then ask for more. This works much better than mentioning the same during a meeting (what I tried last semester). And I don't even have to deal with the buying process.

Putzing around on the "public floors" (those above the basement) made me interact with confused students. Like the one who didn't realize that room 228 would not be found on the floor where all the other rooms have numbers like 316 and 309. I mean, I don't expect her to realize she's on the third floor (the main entrance to Lindley is halfway between the second and third floors, it's built into a hill, like the rest of campus), but figuring out simple patterns is easy. Or the guy who came to lab. For a Monday-Wednesday class. On Friday. Lordy.

Now I am sleepy (I got up 4 hours earlier than usual).


Jan. 17th, 2007 11:37 am
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I'm very arbitrary on my definition. Winter is that time when the highs aren't above freezing for several days. We've finally gotten one. A month late, but here. Friday it started sleeting. Not freezing rain, just pellets of ice. Which continued off and on until Sunday. We got about an inch of accumulation. It hasn't melted yet. Tomorrow might get up to 34, just enough to thaw and melt it into a more solid chunk of ice. The five day forecast doesn't include any more days above freezing, and more possible snow on Sunday. Yeah!!! Since campus is on top of the hill, and I don't have snow tires, I'm not planning on biking to class on Friday.

I finally got my TA schedule last night. I've got an afternoon section of 103 lab to teach, and am one of four TAs for Earthquakes and Natural Disasters. Easy. Though I thought last year was the last time Steeples was teaching E&ND. I hear he is good. The only bit of schedule I don't know is when Plate Tectonics is.

Beading is consuming my mind. I made Tom take me out last night (like I'm driving, I'd like to get home without dents) to Hobby Lobby to get a couple of beads to finish a necklace. The only thing that would work was in a $7 dollar tube of assorted beads. And I bought it. Also, I bought more delica seed beads, because they were on clearance. And I wanted to try my mosaic stitch with them. Mel had done a bit with some she bought (because I forgot to warn her about matching normal with delica seed beads), and it looked awesome. But now I want to get some more stuff. Silly me.

I thought I would reward myself with passing my ham test and buy anime. Except, when I got to Hastings, I realized I was to much of a cheapskate to spend $60 on a series I might not like. My sweet boy reminded me of something - Hastings also has a rental section. Since then, I've watched Elfen Leid (very good, but very violent and actually kinda dark), Full Metal Panic (I think I might cosplay Kaname Chidori, it shouldn't be that hard, and she has one of the few anime relationships that I like), and started Wolf's Rain (neat, again, a good relationship) and Otogi Zoshi (which I've seen a few episodes at Margarita's).
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Just realized I have a Cate Stark in my Earthquakes class.


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