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Found me again. We'll see how I feel in the morning.

Made a change today. I'm not saying what, so I can surprise you all.

Astrospies. Nova, you amuse me.

Finally, made two necklaces today, both beaded links in between hunks of chain. Windows onto the Arctic Night is rainbow moonstone and labradorite. Shadows against the Dusk is jasper (of some type), tourmaline and grey moonstone. Pictures after some sunny day, or if I build a lightbox.


Dec. 2nd, 2006 08:58 pm
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Still sick, but getting better. I spent most of the day off drugs, just shooting saline solution up my nose and blowing constantly. I managed to leave the house and do my normal Saturday morning jaunt to garage sales. Ok, only one of them, on the way to Goodwill. Surprisingly, for a small sale I ended up with stuff - ricer, double boiler and Christmas present for someone. I already have a Christmas present for that person, but this works.

Then I watched movies and did girly things like cook and bead. I made mashed potatoes (because some random blog I was reading went on about shallots, so I craved them in a buttery potato matrix) and more apple tart (I'm about halfway done with the bag, only a bit more to go). On the beading front, I got more cool beads in the mail, as the BotM has started back up (biscuit, did you get a package in the mail recently?). Lots of cat's eye, some cool opal chips, and a meteorite, amongst others. And I finished the choker I've been working on for a while, so I can get back to the green stuff I've been trying to figure out. And had a couple of ideas for some of the beads I bought back in Japan that are just silly.

Tomorrow I will get back to work. If I feel up to it.


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