Dec. 8th, 2007 03:50 pm
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I rewarded myself for working on my GIS project by shopping. See, I like baths. Especially in winter, as they are one of the few ways to get all over warm. But, even with the humidifier going, the frequent bathing dries out my skin. And I'll just sit and suffer, as the itchy parts are covered in four layers of clothing. This morning I remember bath oil, but used up my last one. I remember having trouble finding bath oil beads last time, so I went to the one place that has them, a fancy bath stuff store downtown. I am stocked up.

Also stopped off at the Social Services League thrift store, as it was actually open. And for once I bought stuff - three books and a shirt. The books were mostly sorted by type, but I spotted one pair that shouldn't be next to each other. Donaldson's A Dark and Hungry God Arises next to Group Therapy. I laughted, as the Gap series would have been a lot shorter if the main characters had gotten some therapy.
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Decided not to bike to Farmer's Market because of the rain last night (my commute bike is sans fenders), but I still wanted sheep cheese. I feel guilty as hell driving to such a place, so we walked. Ok, I like walking around on a nice cool grey morning. Picked up a couple of eggplants that we'll try to make a sweet eggplant dip out of and a gallon of local cider (which I want to mull right now). There was no sheep cheese.

Used [ profile] starstraf's garage sale map to spot the sales that could be stopped at on the way home. There was only one, but I really didn't have hands free to carry much. I scored yet another thing I didn't realize I wanted, but cheap enough that I did. For $10 I got a dumbek. Good enough for my yearly SCA events, I guess. And for $10, I figure it is my turn to add to the random instruments in the house.


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