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I got home about 3 yesterday and napped. I hate how tired I feel after a nap, but the nap itself is so intoxicating. Next was an experiment in touching up my hair. Most of it is still very blue, but I had an inch of roots. So I tried to bleach just the roots. I didn't get all of them, but I did get the ones along the edge of my face and down the part. Then covered the bleached bits with blue (which covered well). Makes me feel much better about my hair, so I can confidently cosplay Kaname.

Spent the morning grading. About to head up to campus for my lunch group, then finish the last of my grading. Today is just a review for my students. The field trip was canceled because the bridge over the Kaw at Lecompton is closed, and nobody could think of another close good trip.

Paper tonight, and pack. Roadtrip in morning. Roadtrip!!!
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So the life decision that I haven't talked about here yet is my decision to drop out of grad school. I love taking classes and teaching, but I haven't gotten anywhere in my research. I feel really guilty about that. So nothing gets done. And then feel more guilty. And worry about never finishing anything in my life ever again, drifting from job to job. All very emo, so not worth inflicting on others.

Well, I haven't told many people in real life, either. My parents, my adviser, my favorite two fellow TAs and a couple of friends. On the way to collect data for one of my classes, George (my GPR prof) casually asked my plans were for the summer. I admitted I was dropping out. He spent ten minutes trying to talk me into finishing, and then dropped it. But you could see wheels turning in his head.

So he offered me a GRA position for next year, starting this summer. Doing short surveys for KDOT to show the usefulness of GPR. Flattering.. yes. And I can see being useful in career sense. And eliminates the need for job hunting. A thesis could be derived from one of the reports.

I have two weeks to decide. I am trying to not be to enthusiastic. I know he is a somewhat difficult boss/adviser. I'm scared to be at this position again next year. But I think I should try again.

Meanwhile, [ profile] lawnchair is looking at what sort of jobs are looking for GPR specialists. I think I know where his vote is.
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And I'm scared. Not much I have to do today, none of my classes are meeting. But I finally got my TA schedule. I've got one section of 103 on TR mornings (not meeting until next week), and am one of four TAs for Earthquakes and Natural Diasters. Which meets today.
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Ha! I now only know one bit of my schedule for sure, and that's my Enviromental geophysics class. Which conflicts with my Remote Sensing class, but that will be reschedule if possible when they meet for the first time. My other class, finite differences, is now not meeting when scheduled and when it meets depends on when the students are free. So I emailed my boss (the TA coordinator). She said she'd schedule us last night, but I haven't heard from her yet, and this frees up the times I want to teach (TR).

And I dyed my hair yesterday, using Special Effects color "Blue Velvet". It matches the name much better than it matches the color I thought it would be. I wanted a blueish purple. It is blue. Similiar to how it was before the purple. But nice and dark and vivid, so we'll see how it fades. Maybe green next?


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