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Caucus successful. In large part because my location got moved from Liberty Hall to the fairgrounds (and used the big barn. Some horse trading going on tonight). Thus, unlike the other locations in town, we fit. Parking only worked because people used the grassy bits. Which due to the weather, meant several got stuck in the mud. While we weren't stuck, [ profile] lawnchair and I just gave up and walked home, as we're to impatient to wait for the traffic to clear. We'll fetch the car tomorrow.

We got there around 6:30, and into the building after a 2 minute wait. The main area was partitioned off with cattle guards, and the lines wrapped around. We stood. We slowly moved, then realized that the line would wrap back around.

Finally, someone got smart, and allowed people with filled out change of registrations in (we'd printed off and filled in ours before leaving the house).

Stood around. Saw people organizing around cards that said 25 (in the Obama half of the corral). Tried to get in a 25. I then got my own card, and organized my own 25 (putting my Navy training to use). After waiting (and my 25 growing and shrinking), everyone finally got in.

They then counted the little pieces of paper we contributed as we came in while introducing our Douglas county elected Dems (and the new AG, who is from Lawrence). Then 3 minute speeches from each of the campaigns, including from the Kucinich and Edwards people. We partitioned again, and they counted the Edwards, Kucinich, Clinton and undecided/Gravel folks. As 3/4 of the people were in the Obama camp, they counted us by subtracting the others from the total. Thus, my 25 was a wasted. Reorganizing since only Clinton and Obama got 15% (though the Kucinich camp was larger than the Edwards camp). Recounted, then out. Obama got 9 out of 11 delegates to the state convention.

Checking the web, Obama got over half of the reps in Kansas. Favored grandson status and all that.
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Personally, I find cracked eggs more annoying. You don't notice they're bad until they start to stink.


Dec. 14th, 2006 12:10 pm
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Because I don't want to think about papers due in a day, I'm following the Johnson news closely. And half my conversations with Tom are speculation about what would happen. First was the speculation of how SoDak handles vacancies in the Senate. It turns out that there are competing statutes, though the news is only mentioning that Rounds gets to appoint the replacement. Which cuts out the great speculation about who would run (see, the problem with South Dakota is that there only seems to be a few politicians available, but Dems are all fascinating possiblities. Daschle - the guy who got voted out, Herseth - the young female rep, and the old man that's been out since the last controversial war. Oh, and is Janklow out of prison yet? Oh, and Rounds probably wants the seat for himself next election cycle, as he is running into term limits for governorship). Speculation is so much more interesting when you have such a limited field.

Oh, and I'm working out a long post that I'll probably never finish about writing and C.J. Cherryh.


Oct. 27th, 2006 11:03 am
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Another day of not doing what I should. But I did one good thing. I voted.

Provisionally. See, the driver's license people didn't send my change of address over to the county clerk like they should have. So, after the Madison trip [ profile] lawnchair and I sent in registrations. Apparently, so did everyone else. So they promise to get through them this weekend, but I'm leaving on Wednesday and will be super busy Monday and Tuesday. So while the little old ladies got trained on ballot machines I filled in bubbles.

Not much to say. Despite being in Kansas, the Democratic canidates for governor and representative are almost shoe ins (Sebellius and Moore). We don't have a senatorial election this year, and no important ballot iniatives (unlike the parents, who are going to have tired hands by the time they're done voting). The major canidate I cared about was Phil Kline, and getting that slimy bastard out of the attorney general's seat and abortion records.

Oh, and last night I was reading Slate, which started me discussing the 08 presidential election. I've falled out of like with McCain and Rodham-Clinton. I'm hoping for Obama. Then the discussion mentioned the silliest ticket I won't see, Obama - Sebellius. Any one else for a black president and a female veep? (yes, you can comment even if you don't agree, I am actually curious this time)

And I was proactive last night and made up a menu for the field trip. Figure a bit of planning makes it all good. In other news it is cold and grey out.

Oh, Yeah

Aug. 2nd, 2006 01:26 pm
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I forgot to mention the primaries. Kansas had ones interesting enough to get national coverage. As in the periodic sweeping of the anti-evo/anti-sex ed crazies out of the school board. Not complete, but enough to tilt the balence back. Of course, it will be ignored again next round, and we'll be on center stage in the fight for Darwin, but good for me. Next is for SoDak voters to show sanity.


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