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Today's random preoccupation with societal rules is hugging. Partially because of a scene in CSI, partially because of a hug, and partially because of an article about Swedes. When are you OK with hugging? I personally love getting hugs/hugging, but am usually to shy to initiate. Because I don't know where other people's rules are, and I don't want to suggest more of a relationship than the other person is offering.

See, I know many people are reluctant about touch, sometimes for good reasons. And a lot of harm can be done with unexpected, violent hugging (glomping in animecon terms). But I like contact. My social skills were mostly imprinted on me in high school, hanging out with a coed touchy group. And then I went to college and my friends were grouped by gender - female roomates and male gaming buds. I mostly touched boyfriends.

Post college I was in an environment with even less touching, as everyone would was afraid of it being misconstrued and I didn't have a boyfriend. So, it's OK to hug me. I might even get confident to hug back.

Who Am I?

Jun. 26th, 2006 12:38 pm
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Much nazel gazing this last week. Very self indulgent, and angsty navel gazing. Realized yesterday that if I didn't have someone here that I wanted to live with I'd be making plans to teach English abroad right now.

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