Sep. 11th, 2010 05:37 pm
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Thursday I'm heading down to Winfield for my second Walnut Valley Festival. To get myself warmed up, on Tuesday I'm going to Bottleneck to see my current favorite band, Crooked Still*, play. I highly recommend them. Somewhere between gospel and bluegrass and old school country.

*Apparently, their Ain't No Grave was aptly played in one episode of Tru Blood.
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Sadly, it's late and I'm starting to wind down so my squeeing isn't as strong. I went to KC for concert of my favorite band, the Duhks. Fuck, yeah!

They play.. music. I've been trying to figure out what genre they fit in. According to the Grammys, it is country (they were nominated for country single this year). Some of it is gospel, some of it is reels, some of it is French Canadian (with zydeco influence). And some folk (they do an awesome cover of Tracey Chapman's Mountains of Things).

I knew every song they did (we have all their CDs), and was happy to hear each one. I tend to not like instrumentals, but each of their reel sets had me clapping, hopping and yipping. As was every damn person in the bar (small crowd, maybe 50).

I was worried, as I found out Sunday that their singer had quit a few weeks ago. Winnipeg must have a happening folk scene, because the replacement was awesome. Her voice is not as gravelly, but her highs in the gospel songs were reaching for the heavens and bringing them down to us.

Four Blue Walls is one of my favorite of their songs. It has lines that reach out and grab you ("and she dragged him home for love.") They've changed the pacing. Different lines emphasized, and ends up with a different tone, and I loved it.

So, they're playing the Brookings Art Festival in July. Umm.. I might have to come home for a visit, and go up their for that weekend. Anyone in SoDak interested?
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I don't listen to CDs much any more. I have a folder of them, but don't play them. I don't have the plastic cases, but I have most of the inserts. I suppose I could scavenge for cases, and sell the CDs, like I did with my excess DVDs. Partially for the money, partially for the decrease in stuff.

Ok, before that tangent, I was going to talk about my Hober listening. I keep a file where I jot down the artist and title of songs that catch my interest. Most of them are quite obscure (except Fiona Apple. I hear her about once a day on Hober), but I occasionally I recognize artist names. A cool Nordic song (I'm not good at telling the difference between Norwegian, Swedish and some Finnish music) came on, so I flipped to catch the name. Not only an artist I recognize (Värttinä), but I CD I've owned for years (Nordic Roots 2, the sampler CD that kickstarted my nordic folk goth rock addiction). I need to start listening to random selections of the stuff I own (as opposed to the monolith collection that is [ profile] lawnchair's, which is what I listen to in the car). So how do you get exposed to new music?

Oh, and I will finally go to some concerts this next month. I passed on the John Prine because of the price tag, so it has been quite a while. But since I'm not traveling during the first part of spring break (or if I do, it will be a weekend in SoDak), I'll be around to see Great Big Sea (I recommend their stuff to anyone who likes celtic rock). In early April, the Duhks are finally playing in the area, so I'm going to get to see them. They're my other favorite Canadian celtic rock group, and they also do amazing gospel.
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Peter Rowan doing "No Woman, No Cry".

Weirding me out.

In other such news, I bought a CD (while buying a textbook) based on listening to one song twice on Hober. Because I needed more ways to spend my money.
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Brought to you by, I don't really want to grade labs.

I just recognized two songs in a row on Hober! And recognized a previous song, if not that version with those artists.


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