Aug. 13th, 2006 06:40 pm
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Making a list of my material, most up for sale if anyone is interested. Comment if interested, we can deal. Otherwise, list is for my own reference... Edited:Done

Cut for length... trying not spam )


Aug. 7th, 2006 12:57 pm
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I didn't look at the shelves close enough. Two of the units have shelves nailed in, and don't have the maximum use of space, only 7 shelves in the unit. But I caught it halfway through, so I was able to put more books per shelf and correct for the miscalculation. All unpacked, and pertty looking on one wall. I have some issues.

In other news, [ profile] lawnchair's peak oil paronia can save cents, as he knew about the corrosion of the Purdue Bay pipeline last night, and we filled up. Really need to decrease the car usage, but it is so much nicer in hot weather.

Well, off for a bath. I'm a bit sore from hauling books, especially since I decided to pick up two tubs at a time, or pull three at a time, when I usually can handle one.


Aug. 7th, 2006 10:11 am
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It is realitively cool, thanks to a bit of rain last night. Combine that with annoyance for having done little this weekend compared to the other human in the house, and I decided to make a storage unit run for books. For once, unpacking should be easy. All the paperbacks were packed in order, with four rows of boxes upright (why I love 10 gallon rubbermaids), and the boxes labeled 1 through 24. There are 4 units of 8 shelves each. It works out to 3/4 of a box per shelf, or 3 rows of books from each box. And there is room left over on each shelf for new books. I like it when things work out numerically like that.

I would unpack more, but Lju came to me for cuddlings while I was checking LJ. I can't move.
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Woke up and biked to the farmer's market for much good veggies, fruit and cheese (I figure I might as well buy some sheep cheese, considering it is about the same as buying feta). On the way, bought yellow shelves for the living room at a garage sale. Who needs walls, I have shelves. Went home for the truck, picked up the shelves and stopped by many other sales, including the Islamic center (conference phone) and Meals on Wheels. The other significant purchase was a 4.5" reflecting telescope. I don't know if it works, but it looks cool in the star decorated library and increases my nerd cred.

The afternoon shopping trip was to Target for... shelves. Yep, wire shelves for the kitchen (we tend to have lots of staples, and don't have a mudroom/pantry this year). And other stuff. Students are back, and Target was crowded with youthful faces and parents. I feel so adult.

I've been all nervous about my transported cats. Well, mostly Sunshine. She (or he, according to the vet) and my ex boyfriend were in my dream last night. Something about him coming over to show off his new kitten (not as cute as Sunshine), and then running off when I pointed out that he should be in jail, leaving me with two orange kittens. Well, Sunshine got hurt, but Mom took him to the vet. He's on antiboitics (and got a new gender), but should be fine. Working on his way to being a house cat, I guess.

Meanwhile, I got some peach (housewarming gift from C&C) and blackberry (from farmer's market) crisp to eat.


Jul. 31st, 2006 09:36 pm
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As in a description of the new place I'm living at.

It's a cute little cottage. )

Moved In

Jul. 31st, 2006 09:53 am
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Well, furniture. The rest will come in one load at a time from the storage unit. We checked out of the old place by finishing up the cleaning and leaving the keys and forwarding address on the counter. No sign of designated guy. Also, caught three cats and loaded them in my parents car. They must love me. Now I'm home alone, with a terrible headache and four other cats to comfort.

I was supposed to meet with adviser today, but just as I was about to reschedule (again) due to headache, I got an email from adviser asking to reschedule. Saved. So curl up in bed (both futons stacked on top of each other) to watch Gasaraki. More when it hurts less.

Moving Day

Jul. 29th, 2006 10:29 am
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Yep. We get keys to new place at noon. Everything is finally packed, now have to get it moved. Already put the first load in the truck (kitchen table, futons, rugs and stereo), so that we can unload it. Apparently, our landlord is delegating the check out for this place to the maintainence man, so we have probably seen him for the last time. Next landlord is showing flakiness by posting on larryville that there is free stuff infront of the house until noon. Not much notice for other people. And I don't trust people to catch the before noon part and leave our stuff along (as it might be in the yard as it goes in). Whatever. Just more push to buy a place before long.

I could do some more cleaning, but.. waiting until bathroom and kitchen are empty. Spent some of the morning watching the outside cats play. I don't often see uncle/father cats play with kittens, so that was quite adorable.
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Time to move the liquor cabinet:
Perhaps I should invite people over to drink this )
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Sad announcement from the Sparrow Aviation Administration about a Pierre-bound flyer.

In other news, we're cleaning and fixing cat scratches (using paint, stain and spackling). Shampoo comes tomorrow.
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Got up early (6ish) and went downstairs. I ended up being put to sleep by holding the kitten (she's currently named Sunshine). Woke up again at 8ish to help take one load of random stuff to the storage unit, then loaded up the couch and endtables and took them. Pretty much out of furniture now; down to two futons, five chairs and the kitchen table. Cats are starting to realize something is up.

Why am I surprised that the house is being painted a different color? At first I thought it was a nice golden brown. Now that it is mostly done, it seems like a dog shit brown color. Hmm.. Not my problem, not my money.

Ran out to the hardware store so we can fix/replace some stuff. I didn't realize how many lights didn't have covers. I'm not responisble since they weren't here when we moved in, but I feel leaving it nicer than I found it. Same with blinds. Most are better than I thought, but decided to replace the bathroom one (catch is rusted, hook to attach turner is missing and no clippy bits to hold it into the brackets) and the living room one (one broken bit, and turner hook also missing). Used bits from the ones we got a garage sale (in crappy shape, missing stuff and the wrong size) to replace the rest of the clippy bits. We also got stuff fix the shower doors (which were removed soon after moving in because they made the tub scarily dark). Also got clothes at a garage sale on the way home, and spotted a rug and AC unit that we will got back later for (to expensive now, but they should be willing to deal more if it didn't sell).

It's nice to leave with a guy who enjoys doing stuff and not much of a procrastinator. Limits my tendencies.


Jul. 22nd, 2006 07:06 pm
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Working on it, getting further. Dressers went yesterday (with the last of the shelves), Tom's desk today. The last couch and end tables are going tomorrow. One would think that with moving to a smaller place we wouldn't buy stuff. Except it is moving season, and garage sales are fun. I found a curio cabinet with glass doors and more bead (mostly seed beads) at one nice sale (archeo and anthro grad students moving to California), while [ profile] lawnchair bought a different end table for his computer/media station/desk. I also replace my white plastic jewelry cabinet with a silly wood one. Not perfect, but better. And has 12 hangers for necklaces.

While taking out the recycling got a phone call from my sister, so we met up with her for lunch. Then hit the used music stores and showed her the new place. Soon! No more dealing with painter guy who seems think we care how long he takes to paint. As long as I can get some open windows, I don't. I'm not paying him.


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