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I had my first lost wax casting class last night. I left home early in order to catch dinner at Taco Johns first, and thus missed Lawnchair when he came home.

I needed that. The project I really want to do in this class is to make a pair of Viking tortoise brooches in bronze. However, yesterday I wanted to start on a simpler project. Thankfully, I had my craft notebook with me, with idea sketches I made for the last time I took a jewelry making class. I managed to be the only person in the class to finish a wax last night. I made a simple triangular knotwork pendant. I can go in Monday to invest it so it is ready to cast in class next week.

Meanwhile, my mind has been playing with how to do waxes of my brooches. The first part was to realize that I have not the skill or patience to carve out two 3 inch oval domes. But wax can also be molded, and at a lower temperature. So spent the rest of the night trying to think of oval dome shaped things, and bugged Lawnchair with it. So he brought me deodorant. And I bought a stick of a random brand just because it had the right shape. Now I'm trying to decide if I want to try using the inside of the cap or shape a thin sheet on the outside.
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Found me again. We'll see how I feel in the morning.

Made a change today. I'm not saying what, so I can surprise you all.

Astrospies. Nova, you amuse me.

Finally, made two necklaces today, both beaded links in between hunks of chain. Windows onto the Arctic Night is rainbow moonstone and labradorite. Shadows against the Dusk is jasper (of some type), tourmaline and grey moonstone. Pictures after some sunny day, or if I build a lightbox.
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No meeting as bossman's flight was delayed. So, instead I use the sunny warmth to try to take pictures. As you can guess, I'm back into jewelry making.
Cut for more pics )


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