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Just booked rooms for most our trip to Japan. The rest of the nights I'll worry about when we get there, for flexibility. The nice thing about modern travel is that I can use my decade old Lonely Planet for ideas, and use websites to confirm that the places are still there and make reservations. I plan to pick up a new travel book before we go, but it is nice to get use out of the one I already own. And it brings back memories (it automatically opens to Nara).

I wanted to stay at the same ryokan in Kyoto, but I couldn't remember which one it was. Thankfully, in my giant stack of postcards are the ones I'd been given during my previous stays, and the name was on the back. Woot! Of course, I'm older now and reserved the room with a private bathroom this time.
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I sometimes get homesick for Japan. I'll admit I didn't have to deal with the troublesome bits of Japanese society, such as the sexism and issues with individuality. It is such a polite. I once left my purse on the train. I managed to get it back within an hour. I lost my cell phone, and got it back (by borrowing a cell phone from a German and calling it. The German translated for the nice old man who found it). My neighbor helped me break into my house when I left my keys on the ship.

So the story of a jobless man who is given a million yen is cool. I'm not surprised he turned it into the police. My favorite line is "Japan has seen a string of cases in which large sums of cash have been left anonymously in people's mailboxes or public toilets." How cool would that be. A string of such stories!


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