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Well, I am in a better mood. Mostly by continueing to ignore thesis trash. But, found a list of jobs that are more likely to allow me to keep my hair. I'll have to keep barista in mind next time I wonder what to do with my life.
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I packed nummy leftovers for lunch today, tofu curry over shrimp fried rice. Sadly, I forgot the spoon. So, tromped out into the sunlight (I still have a headache), over to Art and Design and their cafe. I figured I would look at the gallery, since it was on my way out. I got another compliment on my hair - I was asked how I got it such a rich color. So, I shall tell you all. Bleach. Dye. Be skimpy on the rinse. That last part means that everything that touches my hair slowly gets a blue tint, and showers look like I've killed a smurf in there with me. But that is my secret. And I love my hair.
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Ha! I now only know one bit of my schedule for sure, and that's my Enviromental geophysics class. Which conflicts with my Remote Sensing class, but that will be reschedule if possible when they meet for the first time. My other class, finite differences, is now not meeting when scheduled and when it meets depends on when the students are free. So I emailed my boss (the TA coordinator). She said she'd schedule us last night, but I haven't heard from her yet, and this frees up the times I want to teach (TR).

And I dyed my hair yesterday, using Special Effects color "Blue Velvet". It matches the name much better than it matches the color I thought it would be. I wanted a blueish purple. It is blue. Similiar to how it was before the purple. But nice and dark and vivid, so we'll see how it fades. Maybe green next?
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Oh, and I dyed my hair purple last week. I think it worked out well.


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