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Back feels great. Solan was right, it was ready for me to stop babying it. Felt a couple of twinges last night, but nothing today. I'll still pack the brace for Archon.

Decided on a different Viking gown pattern for the goldenrod dress, so back brain decided I needed to make a muslin before cutting it out. But Solan has my sewing machine!! So I was brave and made my muslin on my serger. Muslin was very quick, as I didn't care if it was full length or if the sleeves were fitted, so I could do a simplified version using my giant roll of muslin. Giant roll of muslin is awesome - it was ~$10 at goodwill, and seems to have endless fabric.

First version was a bit big across the shoulders. Ate a cookie, and decided I needed to make a second muslin (to check my planned fit correction). Rip, rip and halfway through serging the phone rang.

Happy dance. I has job interview! In a week and a half.

Finished serging, and second muslin fits. So, this afternoon I get to iron the wool and cut out my dress.

(I forgot laundry in the drier, so dried all the way instead of getting hung out on line. And it is a bit late to start another load, so if Lawnchair wants any more clothes clean he gets to do them himself).

Hobby Swap

Sep. 29th, 2010 09:25 pm
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Apparently I'm interested in natural dyeing again. Talked myself into an order from woolery. They had the best deal on madder root I could find, and sell some of the seeds I want to grow next year. And then I decided to pick up some indigo crystals to try out.

Of course, I'm about to embark on a large hand-sewing project (to prove I can). This relates to the gooseshit green fabric.

In other news, my back is much better. I walked around all day without my brace, including goldenrod hunting (with Solan and her bad back).


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