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All sorts of good intentions with food hitting around the same time. I know I'm terrible about eating enough vegetables, which is a shame because the garden is coming in. I'm amused that bento is becoming more common in the US, and the spin us Americans put on it. The part that resonates with me (other than not paying for expensive pizza when eat on campus) is portion control. I'm good at the not eating more than I'm hungry for, but most of my meals are monodish. Which makes veggies hard if they're not part of the one dish. I packed a good lunch this morning (sandwich, salad, apple sauce, couscous), but I felt more ambitious this evening.

First was the sandwich. I bought English muffins last weekend, which is just the right size for the larger compartment of my larger bento box. Add ham, cheese, mayo and backyard spinach. In the same box, I put the last of the couscous with three sweet peas on top and olives stuffed with feta. In the smaller box, I put in applesauce, strawberries (from garden), and green beans with mushrooms (green beans were cheap at grocery store, mushrooms from farmer's market that I kept forgetting to cook).

Nom. So much more likely to eat lunch if it is a series of snacks. Let's see how long I keep this up (I figure one week, then I'll be random about going to campus and fall out of habit, but it is fun for now).
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Back to blue hair. I had 1 bottle of special effects green envy, and went to Sally's for more green. They didn't have any, so I decided to just get two boxes of Splat blue. The ends got very light with the stripping, though the right side was darker. I tried to mix together the two bottles of blue and the green. I put it all in my hair, and let it sit for an hour. The result is very dark. I'm waiting to check it out in the sun. I like this color.

Also, biked down to Farmer's Market for jalapeƱo and raspberry jelly (nummyness). I also bought a whole chicken for soup.
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Wow, I'm actually eating lunch. And I ate breakfast. Boring Food Tracking )
I'm in an urban fantasy mood after playing Hunter Saturday night and watching Blood and Chocolate last night (teenage werewolf in love with human). Not a great movie, but action/love/camp combo that I love.

One effect is that I want to be an ex-pat in Eastern Europe. And more tart apples (or apple tart).


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