Baby River

Apr. 5th, 2007 01:19 am
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I've forgot to mention this, mostly because half of you already know. My sister gave birth to her second son, River Jonathan Thomas Craig, last night. According to reports, all is well. I leave you with a picture of my two nephews, Rain and River. Ain't they the cutest?
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Thanksgiving was a good trip. One of the themes was "grandparents getting older and getting rid of stuff". See, we took the truck and planned a side trip to Minnesota to say hi to the Peterson pair (since I'm a bad granddaughter about visiting them) and pick up a tiller. We also ended up with 4 tomato cages, a potato fork and my great-grandma's hoe (now my oddest family heirloom, I think I might come from farming folk).
Also, we decided to spend Saturday night bonding with Grandma Ranney and fixing her computer. We also agreed to take some of her accumulated liquor cabinet off her hands. We ended up with White Horse scotch, brandy, old (but good) almond liqueur, peppermint schnapps (because I need to compare it to the creme de menthe I already own) and some neat looking stuff called Yukon Jack (the black sheep of Canadian liqueur). Yeah. So [ profile] lawnchair got bored and did some research on Yukon Jack. First off, it isn't whiskey, like we thought. It is whiskey mixed with some highly alcoholic honey stuff and is 100 proof. And it mixes with Mountain Dew. Or amaretto. I may have to find out if Cork and Barrel sells any, because I only have half a bottle.


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