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Ok, so not as interested in beading as I was. Time to fidget with something else. Lilies is coming up, and I want to have something minor to show off. And dyeing eggs with Rain got me thinking about dyeing cloth.

So the plan is to pick up some white linen and white lightweight wool (apparently wool can be very cool if done right, so I want to try), sew some simple tunics and/or dresses and dye them with natural dyes. I should do some sample swatches beforehand. I don't really want to fill the whole washer for the samples, so probably do it by pot. If the weather is nice, might even try over a fire in the pit. So.. anyone nearby interested? Anyone have suggestions of where to get said fabric, preferably nearby or online? I know the downtown store has linen, or I can try denver fabrics.


Mar. 29th, 2007 09:02 pm
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So there's lots I could blog about, like my trip (awesome!!), my life decisions (hard, but not surprising), or spring (it's here. The flowers are blooming, the windows open despite the heavy rain). Instead I will mention how I'm a crafty little nerd.

1) I forgot to pack a coat for my trip to Minneapolis (I also forgot my swimsuit and sake). The hostel was near Nicolett Mall (a shopping street), so I bought a black fleece (not as nice as the one I got for Christmas) on discount at a Minnesota tourist shop. I didn't want to walk around with a fleece with Minnesota over the breast, so I sewed my flying spaghetti monster patch over it (I always have a patch in my sewing kit, and that was the one that matched colorwise).

2) I built a new styrofoam topo model for lab. I bought several sheets of styrofoam, glued them together, and carved out hills, a lake and stream channel. I then traced the lines where the layer met as topo lines. Awesomeness, and useful for teaching topo maps.

3) I bought two pairs of linen pants at JC Pennys a couple of weeks ago for cheap. I sat tonight and took the back pockets off. With a tunic over them, they'll look SCAish enough for Lilies (which I plan to go to, unless no Svathy people come down). Next up is sacrificing the linen tablecloth for a tunic, and dying it with the years old saffron lurking in the kitchen.

4) My Betan Astronomical Survey patch came in the mail today. I sewed it onto my laptop case. It's how I like my nerd references, subtle and on something that I use.

Next up is back to jewelry. I got my March BotM package, and now own lots of kitty beads. And some amazing blue tigereye beads.

Brain Dead

Dec. 3rd, 2006 05:40 pm
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Moving today, but very tired quickly. Napped good midday, then got distracted beading while watching Black Scorpion (the movies, not the TV show, which will be on sale on Amazon soon). Finally figured out seed beads to use with some nice goldstone and other stones that I got from one of my earlier BotM. It is three colors in a braid pattern. Pretty cool. I got about halfway through, and I like it.

In other news, [ profile] lawnchair has demonstrated his brillance by using yet another low tech gizmo, the hot water bottle. Heat water, put it in nalgene bottle and put in bed. Foot warmth that doesn't wander away.


Dec. 2nd, 2006 08:58 pm
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Still sick, but getting better. I spent most of the day off drugs, just shooting saline solution up my nose and blowing constantly. I managed to leave the house and do my normal Saturday morning jaunt to garage sales. Ok, only one of them, on the way to Goodwill. Surprisingly, for a small sale I ended up with stuff - ricer, double boiler and Christmas present for someone. I already have a Christmas present for that person, but this works.

Then I watched movies and did girly things like cook and bead. I made mashed potatoes (because some random blog I was reading went on about shallots, so I craved them in a buttery potato matrix) and more apple tart (I'm about halfway done with the bag, only a bit more to go). On the beading front, I got more cool beads in the mail, as the BotM has started back up (biscuit, did you get a package in the mail recently?). Lots of cat's eye, some cool opal chips, and a meteorite, amongst others. And I finished the choker I've been working on for a while, so I can get back to the green stuff I've been trying to figure out. And had a couple of ideas for some of the beads I bought back in Japan that are just silly.

Tomorrow I will get back to work. If I feel up to it.
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Scarf is done! In plenty of time, as the weather has gotten colder. We have about 1/2 inch of ice, and promised snow (3-9 inches, but it all seems to staying south of us).


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