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First, historically accurate reinterpretations of Disney Princesses. I'm amused by Aurora holding a drop spindle. If I were the type to get a costuming group together for Costume Con, this would be an interesting prompt.

And then a couple of youtubes that caught my interest.

First X-Men/Lady Gaga filk.

Second, lipsynching P!nk cosplayers.
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Was productive this weekend. Started off with early morning garage sales Saturday morning. Haul included four tank tops, two swords (for sale to friends for what I paid, inquire if interested), a glass pendant and a flowing water bowl for the cats (hopefully fun enough that they won't need to bat it across the room like they do the old one. I'll get used to the sound soon).

Enough time to get bagels and strawberry plants at the farmers market, get home, start chicken and still get to Lindley by 11 to meet my helpers for another round of data collection. Various mishaps insue, but data was collected and I didn't break the system. Made a batch of Kahlua and headed over to [ profile] yanbaoqin's party. Ate, drank and was merry.

Woke up early this morning and lacked ambition. Decided to plant strawberry plants.

I wanted to be outside, so decided to start the great natural dyeing experiment (though the camping stove didn't work well, so ended up inside). Thanks to [ profile] auroraceleste had silk scraps. Now, most books and sites I've found on natural dyeing focus on wool. Most places only talk about the commercial silk dyes. Wool produces differing colors depending on the mordant used (mordant being a metal salt you treat the material with first). So I'm curious how differing mordants affect other linen, cotton and silk. Sample time. I finished treating scraps with alum and copper sulfate.

Still was restless. I can't work any further on my kirtle mockup, due to my inability to figure out how to put in triangle gores (will ask for help on Tuesday). Decided to make a mockup of a viking apron dress. Done, minus the gores (again) and hemming.

In between, much trying to research medieval dress patterns via internet. Not trusting much of it. As long as I blend in. Someday I'll figure out what all KU has.
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Not feeling in the mood to do the work that I feel insanely guilty about not doing. So I gave up for today. Today is not a work day. Might as well admit it and try to enjoy myself.

But got to do something. I could read (parts of my birthday order have come in, and I keep having good library fu), but I'm not sure what I want to read (tyranny of choice is my downfall). So work on costume. One step is to try to add some green to my Eigetsu wig.

So I went to Goodwill for a dye pot. And I actually found a large enamel stock pot (enamel is a good choice for later nonRit experiments, as metals are mordants and affect the final color). I also bought three kimonos. One is a simple, onsen style yukata with butterflies on blue, one is paper cranes on red (possibly silk), and one is lots of random Japanese symbols (dragons, matama, scallops, and so forth) in browns and greens. Each for $7. (ETA - My collection)

Also, finally found the wig heads at Sallys. Hopefully got most things to style the wig, post dyeing.


Oct. 29th, 2006 08:42 pm
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Mel suggested the a great costume idea for me.

A Hooloovoo, or hyperintelligent shade of the colour blue.


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