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First, historically accurate reinterpretations of Disney Princesses. I'm amused by Aurora holding a drop spindle. If I were the type to get a costuming group together for Costume Con, this would be an interesting prompt.

And then a couple of youtubes that caught my interest.

First X-Men/Lady Gaga filk.

Second, lipsynching P!nk cosplayers.
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I'm leaving for Anime St. Louis tomorrow, and competing in my first ever cosplay contest Saturday (yes, that is a hint to wish me luck). It is a group, so I can blend in. However, due to the skill of the other costume makers in the group, competing at master level. Eep!

Slowly coming together. Wig is done (except last minute styling). Belt and dangly are done. Undershirt is done except for fake undersleeves, as I almost out of white thread. Overdress is where most of the work is still needed, mostly on the decorations. Need to finish couching, and then sew on decorated panel. Need to finish last steps on sleeve strips. Neck is funky, so advice will be asked on that. And hemming dress of doom. Doable, right?

Maybe I'll go and pack.
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Overdress is sewn together. Made a mistake during cutout, but fixed it. Sleeve still looks funky, but hopefully it can be made better. Also, still need to hem it and sew on decorations (purple trim and yellow device). Drew out yellow device, and started on embroidery. Hated look of embroidery, and bought cord.
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Not feeling in the mood to do the work that I feel insanely guilty about not doing. So I gave up for today. Today is not a work day. Might as well admit it and try to enjoy myself.

But got to do something. I could read (parts of my birthday order have come in, and I keep having good library fu), but I'm not sure what I want to read (tyranny of choice is my downfall). So work on costume. One step is to try to add some green to my Eigetsu wig.

So I went to Goodwill for a dye pot. And I actually found a large enamel stock pot (enamel is a good choice for later nonRit experiments, as metals are mordants and affect the final color). I also bought three kimonos. One is a simple, onsen style yukata with butterflies on blue, one is paper cranes on red (possibly silk), and one is lots of random Japanese symbols (dragons, matama, scallops, and so forth) in browns and greens. Each for $7. (ETA - My collection)

Also, finally found the wig heads at Sallys. Hopefully got most things to style the wig, post dyeing.


Jan. 19th, 2008 11:18 pm
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So I'm contemplating another cosplay. Eigetsu To from Saiunkoku, for Anime St. Louis (end of March). So amused myself after tea with screencapping various scenes from episode 36 in order to figure out his outfit.


Mar. 19th, 2007 02:15 pm
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Spent yesterday evening sewing beads onto a truly impressive cosplay dress. Needless to say, it wasn't mine. To give to a sense of how impressive, I was one of four people sewing on beads for six hours, and that part is only halfway done.

So I'm getting ready for Anime Detour. Had a depressing incident a couple of nights ago. I tried on my blue dragon silk dress (the one that I got made in Thailand). It doesn't fit. This is a first for me.

I was inspired to work on my Chidori cosplay. I am refusing to worry about its faults (my hair is to short, the blues on the sleeves don't match, it is a very "my first cosplay" sort of outfit, I don't have a teenagers body). I worked on it. Not much left to do.
-shop for a bazooka (accessories)
-gold buttons for the shirt
-hem the skirt (after figuring out how short I'm willing to go)
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Well, the local anime convention is next weekend. Official time on the website says four days, eleven hours. So I spent much of this weekend finally working on my cosplay. Final plan was Kaname Chidori from Full Metal Panic. Because I'm lazy, I ended up going with the short sleeved school outfit from FMP Fumoffu.
*Bought pink tennis shoes (though laceless, because it was simpler)
*Found puffy sleeved short sleeved white button up shirt at Target
*Pleated and sewed skirt (my first zipper. And my second, as I needed to decrease the waist by one pleat)
*Made appointment for hair cut. Nothing drastic, just trim and bangs. I don't think I've had bangs since middle school
*Sewed blue trim on one arm of shirt
*Sewed red bow

To Do:
*Sew trim on other arm of shirt
*Get hair cut (Tuesday morning)
*Bleach hair
*Dye hair blue - rinse as well as possible
*Hem skirt (Hoping for help at Thur night cosplay. My dress form is still at parents' and [ profile] lawnchair isn't up for hemming help that high up, he's still in training)
*Rip out collar, sew blue collar
*Sew bow on shirt

In other news, the trip to NYC for spring break has been canceled due to.. not buying tickets. Which means I can go to the Great Big Sea concert. And I need to buy MSP tickets now.
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I even have anime on to act as background noise. And have realized the obvious cosplay for me with blue hair. Miss Deep. I'm not that boobilious... but.. fun. And has any one else noticed how much pissing in their pants the Americans due in the OVA? I'm 20 minutes in, and it has happened twice.

North Korea - fuck. I'm sorry, but the country is batshit crazy. Not the people I'd trust with a puppy, let alone a nuclear weapon. I checked, and Marissa and Sean are still stationed on the Jonny Mac. First line defense if the shit hits the fan.


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