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I'm leaving for Anime St. Louis tomorrow, and competing in my first ever cosplay contest Saturday (yes, that is a hint to wish me luck). It is a group, so I can blend in. However, due to the skill of the other costume makers in the group, competing at master level. Eep!

Slowly coming together. Wig is done (except last minute styling). Belt and dangly are done. Undershirt is done except for fake undersleeves, as I almost out of white thread. Overdress is where most of the work is still needed, mostly on the decorations. Need to finish couching, and then sew on decorated panel. Need to finish last steps on sleeve strips. Neck is funky, so advice will be asked on that. And hemming dress of doom. Doable, right?

Maybe I'll go and pack.
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Damn, I've hadn't gotten that tired in ages.

Friday I was excited, and woke up early. I finished packing, loaded the car, and got my ride over to KC. I dropped off my stuff, and wandered about, trying to find people so I could be set to work. I'm glad I wandered when I could, because I spent much of the weekend in a room, giving others directions. My real job was volunteer staff - sending volunteers out on shifts, and reimbusing their badge money when they were done. I had some breaks in there (including one that lasted longer than it should have due to some really good Italian food), and toddled off to bed at 4 am. My roomies were quite good at being quiet, but I still woke up with them.

I prepped my corn soup (using a spoon to cut the potatoes, as I had forgotten a knife), then slept some more. Around noon I started nagging people to eat my soup. I'm glad I brought a scrubby pad and two bowls. If I do the crock again, I'll bring lots of disposable bowls and spoons, as that was my limiting factor. Busy people won't think to get food, but won't refuse it if given. That was also true for volunteers and the granola bars we provided. That really cheered them up.

I watched some of the costume contest and crafted. I foolishly did not grab all of the beads for my current long necklace (The Strata of Snails), but did get several compliments on it. It is apparently prettier than I thought (not colors I usually go with). The other necklace I'm working on (My Home is in a Tidal Pool), was being a pain, as the pearls aren't fitting the wire, even though they did previously. May have to rethink that one.

I worked until 1, then went to bed. Up again at 5:30, for a 6 shift. Waking up was damn hard. I invented lots of tasks like cleaning volunteer ops, as the con was quiet. Worked till noon, then off to lunch for really good Japanese food. And found the good sake again, which wasn't good for a tired me.

Stayed an extra night for the dead dog party. I managed to get people to finish off some of my collection. Had some good times. Toddled off around 3, and up at 7:30 to wait for my ride home. Came home and crashed hard. Good con, glad I'm not doing it again for another year.
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Lazy summer almost done. KU classes start on Thursday, though I don't have class until next week. And I'm not teaching (which means I really ought to work on a report now...).

This weekend's fun was Anime Iowa in Coralville. The excuse was to check out the area (one possible library science program is in nearby Iowa City, and I've never been there). Not bad, though I mostly know the new, giant conference center. I had fun, and highly recommend drinking cosplay watching (twirl - 1 drink, wardrobe malfunction.. and so forth). Also, UV blue raspberry goes well in MD.

But it wasn't all drunken antics. I mostly went to cosplay panels and discussion panels. The discussion panels were run by the old fogies upstairs, usually discussing older stuff. I want more discussion panels at Naka.

Also, contemplating SogenCon. I will go if at least two people from here want to go with me. It looks like they have a really nice list of guests.
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For the most part. At WisCon, a feminist scifi convention. So many ways I could contrast it to the last three cons I've been to (all anime, slowly getting larger each time). As expected, it is strongly female. Also strongly older than anime. I have yet to see a teenybopper. There are a couple of kids, but not many. Also, there is much more focus on books.

So far I've attended three panels. Last night I went to one about paranormal romances. Well, they're on the edge of romance, and most of the ones discussed are not marketed as romances. I had much to say, as it is a subgenre I've read many of (Sookie Stackhouse, Women of the Otherworld, Blood Bound and so forth).

Today I woke up for a panel about the underground. One of my roomates was on the panel, and specifically asked me to go after I mentioned I was a geologist and had once thrown a book because of its description of caves (the infamous sandstone caves of Kentucky). Very interesting, though lots on the use of underground in fiction and little about bad representations (I also have complaints about the lack of claustrophobia in caves, and abundant light). Still, very neat.

Then I went to a panel on women authors you've never heard of. Some very interesting suggestions, which of course I did not right down. But I'm having fun bending wire for a necklace. Because I'm silly like that.

Afterwards, went to the Farmer's Market. I ended up only buying cheese curds. Apparently I can't eat a full pound by myself in one sitting, so the leftovers are sitting the ice bucket with ice above (no fridge).


Feb. 25th, 2007 09:58 pm
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Tickets to M/SP bought for anime detour. Staying an extra night (Sunday) in order to save $100 bucks on the flight. Bed now.
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Well, the local anime convention is next weekend. Official time on the website says four days, eleven hours. So I spent much of this weekend finally working on my cosplay. Final plan was Kaname Chidori from Full Metal Panic. Because I'm lazy, I ended up going with the short sleeved school outfit from FMP Fumoffu.
*Bought pink tennis shoes (though laceless, because it was simpler)
*Found puffy sleeved short sleeved white button up shirt at Target
*Pleated and sewed skirt (my first zipper. And my second, as I needed to decrease the waist by one pleat)
*Made appointment for hair cut. Nothing drastic, just trim and bangs. I don't think I've had bangs since middle school
*Sewed blue trim on one arm of shirt
*Sewed red bow

To Do:
*Sew trim on other arm of shirt
*Get hair cut (Tuesday morning)
*Bleach hair
*Dye hair blue - rinse as well as possible
*Hem skirt (Hoping for help at Thur night cosplay. My dress form is still at parents' and [ profile] lawnchair isn't up for hemming help that high up, he's still in training)
*Rip out collar, sew blue collar
*Sew bow on shirt

In other news, the trip to NYC for spring break has been canceled due to.. not buying tickets. Which means I can go to the Great Big Sea concert. And I need to buy MSP tickets now.
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Registered for WisCon for the spring. I'd buy a plane ticket, but Orbitz is being mean about letting me buy the flights I want at the prices they say it is.


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