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I do not need any more cats (or a dog). Really. Four is enough. Flea medication comes in four packs. I don't want to put out a second box. Cat drama is finally manageable with the larger house.

But the local humane society (which is nice and no kill) is full and charging half as much for adoption if you're looking for one.
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One of Grep's nicknames is Princess. She's skinny and pretty, and has great hair (and is a little flaky). She loves sleeping on giant stacks of nice material. I got some lilac silk velvet from Jackie, and made her a pillow (well, bought her a pillow and made a removable cover of the silk velvet as she is my anorexic princess). I sewed my second zipper into the cover (using some of the garage sale stash, turned out had the right color already).

It is now in her box. Of course, today is one of the times she's in hiding. And a 5 pound cat who flies can hide better than the others (found her behind the laundry). But it matches her fur so nicely.

So I think I'll go red (most votes). I'm thinking of trying strawberry blond first. Then I can grade up to bright red or violet, and then black. Or rebleach it and try green.
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Come together filk using LOLCat phrases. Sadly, get all of them. I need to get off the internets noa.
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These engineers to understand the issues with owning cats.

Also, classic cat manual and review for computer types.
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Grok is celebrating the Heinlein centennial by sleeping in my DVDs.
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Back working. And hopefully being paid. Apparently there was confusion about me working (in the mind of the woman who does payroll for the department), and paperwork went in a week after I started. Work has consisted of writing/editing a report and loading software onto my laptop (a girl needs EKKO View Deluxe, Matlab and GPRMax). Should get data to play with/model soon. Maybe even data collection.

Money is good, as my kitty got sick. Not seriously, but Barry has pinkeye (basically). I should have just asked for a tube (not sure if they would have given me some without him going in), but he's my special boy. And I'm glad that I had it confirmed that it is just pinkeye, and he didn't get into a fight. I also guessed the advice we'd get. Diet. Somehow 18.5 pounds is heavy, and diabetes is the new worry. At least vet had an idea of how to feed Grep without feeding the others. A box with a small hole (big enough for her, to small for the others). Lju really needs a diet.

Also bought a calculator. I was randomly surfing the swapmeet at, and found someone selling a TI-82 for $15. I could use a backup. I've had my current calculator for 13 years now, and have bonded (his name is Turtle). But TI doesn't make 82s any more. I always meant to steal Jorge's, but forgot before he moved out. I think I'll name the new one Snail (not because they're slow, but because they have a hard shell).

Other good news is a job offer (part time). Which isn't something I need, as I'm down for 40 hours a week with GPR this summer. Yesterday I stopped by my local bead shop for some retail therapy. The owner found out I do wirework (was wearing my green wire necklace). Apparently she has several projects commissioned and she isn't good at wire work. I am no [ profile] elisem, but I want to try. She also was interested in selling my stuff in the store. I'm going in Friday after work to see what she wants me to do. I'm trying to not get to excited, in case it turns out to be scammy or a bad enviroment, but.. to get paid for my hobby would be awesome. And I didn't even have to push my work.
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Up insanely early to do things I didn't over the weekend. Yeah, I'm lazy. Sweetpea is still locked in the bathroom with a litterbox, food, water and a blanket to sleep on. She's perky (which with her means she mews a lot), but seems to have some form of diarehha. We're going to watch her, and take her to the vet if this keeps up or if she acts ill. She seems to enjoy having unrestricted access to her own food bowl and box.

But the title refers to a war story that I just learned about due to the death of the hero. He talked 800 Japanese into surrendering, on his own, preventing lots of deaths on both sides. And it might have been against orders.
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Because I do enjoy them. Had a peach on my Honey Nut Cheerios (I usually get the store brands, but they had this really good sale). Numminess.

In other observations, escorting Sweetpea to the litterbox every few hours is hard when you're shorter than 5 foot and the cat can fly. First you have to figure out where she is, and then how to get her down.

Kitty Love

Sep. 1st, 2006 11:05 pm
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I have four cats. I love them all. Each is unique, like a wild flower.

I have to keep telling myself that. Sweetpea (Grep) was so good when we first moved in. Bold, taking her place in the house. I found poop twice in a corner, but then she was good again. Nope. On the couch. So I washed the couch sheet, the fuzzy blanket, and the three throw pillows. I wiped down the loveseat, and through out some blank paper, as they smelled of cat piss. Good thing I'm home this weekend, because I will be taking her to the box several times a day (she'll use the box if she is taken and protected, it is just a bit of a pain).

In other news, I finished the mosaic stitch choker I had been working on, and started a green one. It will have a fringe of green bugle beads, and possibly some leaf beads in the center. I'm still debating a flower.
Or really what to have as a centerpiece. Beddy time for me.
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Woke up and biked to the farmer's market for much good veggies, fruit and cheese (I figure I might as well buy some sheep cheese, considering it is about the same as buying feta). On the way, bought yellow shelves for the living room at a garage sale. Who needs walls, I have shelves. Went home for the truck, picked up the shelves and stopped by many other sales, including the Islamic center (conference phone) and Meals on Wheels. The other significant purchase was a 4.5" reflecting telescope. I don't know if it works, but it looks cool in the star decorated library and increases my nerd cred.

The afternoon shopping trip was to Target for... shelves. Yep, wire shelves for the kitchen (we tend to have lots of staples, and don't have a mudroom/pantry this year). And other stuff. Students are back, and Target was crowded with youthful faces and parents. I feel so adult.

I've been all nervous about my transported cats. Well, mostly Sunshine. She (or he, according to the vet) and my ex boyfriend were in my dream last night. Something about him coming over to show off his new kitten (not as cute as Sunshine), and then running off when I pointed out that he should be in jail, leaving me with two orange kittens. Well, Sunshine got hurt, but Mom took him to the vet. He's on antiboitics (and got a new gender), but should be fine. Working on his way to being a house cat, I guess.

Meanwhile, I got some peach (housewarming gift from C&C) and blackberry (from farmer's market) crisp to eat.


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