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Read: I finished Black Ships. I loved the setting, which made me poke around corners of wikipedia. Story was OK.

After that I started Marguerite Reed's Archangel. Which I should like, but just wasn't into at the time, so I picked up some fluff. We'll see if I get back to it.

Said fluff was books 1 and 2 of Lauren Esker's Shifter Agents series, Handcuffed to the Bear and Guard Wolf. The series consists of paranormal romance thrillers, with the heroes (so far, next it's the heroine) working for a federal agency that polices shifters (werewolves and the like). The shifters remind me of my high school World of Darkness days making up extreme were creatures (the heroine of the second book is a were-koala). Handcuffed to the Bear is what is says on the tin, with the hero (a werebear) and the heroine (a were-lynx) waking up naked and handcuffed together on an island being hunted by werelions. Guard Wolf involves the werebear's partner being handed a box of werewolf puppies and trying to find their family with a sexy werekoala social worker. Fluff. I'd recommend them if it sounds like your level of fluff.

Reading: Last night I ran out of stuff to read while traveling for work, and when looking for inspiration I was reminded off all the good reviews I've seen of Heather Rose Jones' Daughter of Mystery. I'm about 12 chapters in and loving it.

To Read: Probably the sequel, The Mystic Marriage. And then give another try to Archangel


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